A renowned scientist, Alfred Marchal founded ALPHASCIENCE to bring the results of his many years of research to aesthetic medicine and the most demanding consumers.

Recognized worldwide for his technical innovations, he is a pioneer in the discovery and stabilization of powerful antioxidants, including pure Vitamin C, which he successfully stabilized in the early 1990s.

His philosophy is to draw inspiration from the innovations found in nature to create innovations that mark the history of anti-aging medicine.


Alfred Marchal, Doctor of Organic Chemistry, has dedicated his life to the search for natural active ingredients capable of stopping skin aging. He is a world pioneer in the stabilization of vitamin C in its free and active form.

He then continued his research, notably by creating Vitamin K1 oxide and by integrating Glutamine into cosmetic formulations.

Its new discovery within Alphascience is Tannic Acid. It is a unique active principle with remarkable anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties.


Alfred Marchal has always been guided by the need for innovation. He has a deep desire to revolutionize skin treatments by developing original formulas. Doctor Marchal’s objective is to inspire the world of medical cosmetics, to propose innovative care products that anticipate the future needs of professionals. This passion, which he has cultivated since the beginning of his career, is enriched through his travels, scientific conferences and meetings that inspire him in his constant search for innovation.


The observation of nature, the perfect knowledge of natural molecules and their interactions.

The analysis of all the connections within the cellular mechanisms with their application in anti-aging medicine. Their effectiveness at the cutaneous level according to the various types of skin… All of his areas of expertise plus a touch of genius and magic.

Discoveries & Patents

After more than 35 years of research on skin aging, Alfred Marchal as developed more than seven patents, hundreds of formulations and a unique expertise in the field of anti-aging medicine.



 Launch of the first pure Vitamin C serum



Discovery of Vitamin K1-Oxyd to treat redness and bruising


Discovery and stabilization of Tannic acid in anti-aging formulas

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